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DataSelf Analytics 10.3

The new DataSelf Analytics interface – powered by Tableau 10.3 – lets business people stay [...]

Thriving manufacturer adds a 360-degree view

With DataSelf Analytics, the view broadened. The backward view fanned open to show a forward view, too. MacKirdy loves it. “We get a 360 degree view now.”

A Eureka Moment for Canadian Life Science

“Digging into a big pile of data is not the way to answer those questions. You want a program that pulls it all together from all sources.” The holistic, complete view you get from that is where you see the answers.

What people say about DataSelf

“Being an old dog, I know software that meets one’s expectations is rare. DataSelf BI has far exceeded mine. We bought it for its world-class sales reporting, and now I’m saving up to $500,000 annually because I also use it to manage my inventory and purchasing more effectively.”
John Barrett, COO, Wiley X, Inc.
“I was too busy for training. When I need something new, I just take an existing report and modify it to suit my needs. If I’ll ever need it again, I do a ‘Save As’. Sure, I could get training. But now I just muddle through it, and I have what I want when I need it, so I’m happy.”
Mark Sturmon, CEO, ATRO
“In the produce business, things change fast. With DataSelf BI, our business data becomes live. I can bend the data, shape it, move it around. It becomes live in ways that a piece of paper just can’t.”
Toine van der Knaap, Gen. Manager, St. Davids' Hydroponics

DataSelf News

Three factors that keep your BI out of a rut

Article copied from How you select your BI system has a lot to do with [...]

Inside the Mind Of… Joni Girardi

Article copied from B2B News Network: Joni Girardi is founder and CEO of DataSelf, provider [...]

DataSelf Templates – Who needs 5,000 KPIs? No one, really!

As of Aug 2017, we offer 5,000+ reports, dashboards, and KPIs for analyzing initiatives such [...]