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Self-service Alerts

6-min video

Give your team control of their own alerts.

Report Distribution Options

3-min video

Learn options for the distribution of reports and dashboards to different user needs.

Data Visualization 101

9 short videos (total 45-min)

Boost the clarity of your reports and dashboards by following these simple design principles.

Analytics for Service Organizations

8-min video

A job cost dashboard example, and video part 2 showing how to customize it.

Analytics for sales teams

45-min video

How analytics can make your sales team’s interactions more educated, targeted and efficient.

Analytics for Multi-Company Consolidation

45-min video

Tooltip Selection

3-min video

Using tooltip to see how related data is performing.

Building a new report (Part I)

2.5-min video

Building a new report (Part II)

5-min video

The magic of Tableau and DataSelf

20-min video